"My passion for Alfa Romeo comes from afar, since I was a child I distinctly remember my boundless love for the brand, even though my family didn't own one. Then finally, at 19, the first arrives, a flaming 33 Imola, still today after 27 years I dream of it and regret it. Life goes by fast, time passes and between work and distractions and many reasons the garage contains other brands.
One winter day in 2015, almost by chance it all begins, I call a friend who deals with demolitions, "Do you still have that GT? “, I go to see it and the passion for the classics begins to burn.
Many weeks pass before being able to close the deal but it's finally mine!
Gt 1300 Junior March 1970 1290 cm3 89cv color AR 209 Moss green (Verde Muschio).
We start directly with the restoration without even taking it to the street once, finally the first lap in May 2016: it rains but it doesn't matter.
The rear square plate bears a strange sign of fate


Mik my nickname and under 29… my date of birth.
After about 12 months and many empty trips I find the spider junior 1300 from 1976 1290 cm3 89cv color AR 514 Rosso Italia Pininfarina, but I decide to use it like this without restoration, all in all it was healthy and the paintwork discreet (the red, however, was wrong) .
Passion matures, becomes more demanding and you realize that you cannot not have a Giulia. As my dear friend Roberto says, you are not a true Alfista if you don't own one.
But research is really difficult and time passes inexorably.
Until one summer morning Roberto calls me and says "there is the Giulia!" At 6.00 pm we were in the courtyard with the owner to conclude the deal and a few days later the Giulia was in my garage. Giulia Super 1600 from 1970, the "Biscione", one of the very first high pedals, 1570 cm3 102 hp, color AR 013 Biancospino, recently restored interior and bodywork but with little attention to mechanics, the right opportunity to clean up and thoroughly renew the cycling.
Moral, the final result is this tricolor which came by chance and not too much sought after “.
This is how Michele, the car owner, talks about his passion, the growing love for Alfa Romeo that leads him in a few years to put the perfect triad in the garage, the three most iconic and coveted Giulia models built at the turn of the years' 60 and 70.
And it is precisely from her garage that our story starts, an anonymous cler like many others, who hides a small temple inside where the three Giulia (GT, Berlina and Spider) sleep safely surrounded by tools neatly in their place and leave spare parts cataloged in alphabetical order. The three Giulia rest perfectly aligned covered by a cloth strictly in body color… green, white, red. It is time to move, the sheets rise, the keys rattle, each with a matching Biscione key ring and the engines start.
The morning is gloomy, the fog surrounds the three Alfa's stopped to warm up, we are all in high spirits, the glance is unique: the tricolor that is lost in the fog is very suggestive. We start with the hope of "piercing" that haze typical of late October that grips the Po valley. We point the hoods towards the first hill and as if by magic we are satisfied: the sun surrounds us and guides us along our path made of curves, hairpin bends, ups and downs, the engines roar and break the silence of the countryside. The warm colors of autumn distract us and they accompany us up to an ancient medieval village in the municipality of Vernasca. We are in Vigoleno with its ancient castle, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the perfect place to take some shots.
The few people look at us dazed, some intrigued approach Michele and ask for information on the cars ... "congratulations!", Others look at us without understanding what we are doing. They photograph us.
We leave the cars lined up on the square in front of the castle, in formation like the tricolor arrows (Frecce Tricolore), another Italian pride, seem to be guarding the castle.
They have a proud, elegant appearance, the Giulia 4headlights inspires fear. We stop to admire them sitting at the nearby bar, the anti-covid rules force us to sit outside, it doesn't matter, the sun is warm.
Time passes quickly, chatting with friends and a good glass of wine do the rest.
We conquer on tiptoe, with the engines at idle, the small courtyard of the ancient castle. Seeing the three Giulia lined up in perfect chromatic order between the old walls has a certain effect. We climb up the tower of the village: the scenery is breathtaking, the hills painted in yellow, red and brown are lost visibly while down there in the ancient courtyard the tricolor stands out, just like a flag as if to remind us of some important anniversary such as the 110th anniversary of Alfa Romeo that falls this year or how beautiful our country is and rich in traditions, history and passions.
Passions like mine for photography, stopping the moment, the fleeting moment or like Michele's passion for beautiful cars, beautiful Alfa.

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