EVO37 is a Kimera Automobili project by Restomod, aimed at the re-edition of a limited series of 37 examples of Lancia Rally 037 built according to the original 1982 project.
Born from the passion and initiative of Luca Betti, son of art and professional rally driver, Kimera Automobili as it is structured today was born in 2013 as a factory of restoration and reconstruction of classic cars. The idea is to reproduce an icon of the 80s rallies, world rally champion in '83 and driven by champions such as Walter Rohrl, Markku Alen, Henri Toivonen, Attilio Bettega.
The EVO37, like its progenitor Lancia 037 Rally, is a two-seater car, with a cockpit cell derived from the Lancia Beta Montecarlo, front and rear tubular trellis chassis, mid-engine and two-wheel drive on the rear axle.
Every mechanical component of the EVO37 is revised and evolved according to the philosophy of Restomod.
The engine of the EVO37 has been conceived and designed by engineer Claudio Lombardi for Kimera Automobili.
The starting engine displacement is the same of the last Lancia 037 Gruppo B racing car, that is 2.111 cm³ that will be further expanded with the evolution of the Lancia Delta S4 double volumetric-turbocharging scheme, 4 cylinders in line, 2. 150 cm3, 16 Valves, on centrifugal turbocharger + volumetric compressor type Roots with electronically managed clutch, Maximum power: 505 hp 7000 - 7250 rpm, Maximum torque: 550 Nm of which 400 Nm @ 2000 rpm, Gearbox: 6-speed + RM manual control, Rear-wheel drive - RWD.
Numbered series of 37 units for the EVO37 are planned other limited series models at the end of the delivery program of the EVO37.
These are the technical data, cold and analytical even if exciting but talking about EVO37 we can not stop at just numbers. Yes, because the car seen from the real is not beautiful ... much more: a work of art! Proportionally perfect, it maintains unchanged the aggressive charm of the original Lancia Rally 037, from any point of observation it seems ready to devour curve after curve as a big crouching feline ready to attack the prey. Beautiful to look at and exciting to drive, not to mention the maniacal care with which it was designed, manufactured and assembled. Materials of the highest level, fine finishes and attention to detail to be the envy of brands much larger than Kimera Automobili. Yes, because let's not forget that Kimera Automobili is a small business, made of a few men but with great experience and above all passion and a big heart, like the founder Luca Betti, passionate, meticulous, far-sighted. The car is totally customizable in materials, colors and finishes, from the smallest screw to the color of alcantara. Thanks to a 3D configurator, the customer can select a variety of elements and colors made available by Kimera Automobili during the purchase process, after which, with a specially designed application, the customer can view each production phase of the car and be notified in real time of the progress of work.
This is the story of 001/037......the first EVO37 ordered and produced.... and of its official delivery to its owner, in a glamorous location with many surprises.
The owner, a great enthusiast and collector, met Luca Betti two years ago during an event in St Moritz, "Passione Engadina", when the project to realize the EVO 037 had just started and he was the first to believe in this adventure, so much  that he followed all the development phases of the project led by Luca Betti. Now, two years after that meeting, the time has come to officially hand over the car to its owner and St Moritz, on the occasion of The I.C.E. event, has been chosen as the perfect location to close the circle. One detail above all: the Lancia coat of arms on the radiator grill is the original one of the Beta Montecarlo donor-car used for the realization of the EVO37, following the express wish of the owner.
The official delivery is scheduled in the center of St Moritz where the EVO37 will be exhibited together with its twin with Pirelli 150 years livery. But Luca Betti decides to do more: he takes 001/037 directly to the airport not far away where the owner, who is unaware of everything, will land.
Every detail is taken care of with attention, the car is brought directly to the runway where the plane will stop and the red carpet is rolled out, as for great occasions. Surprise successful!
The ceremony in the center of town is scheduled for the next day. The emotion is strong, delivering the first car of 37 in the program is the first important goal and it has been achieved.
Becoming part of Kimera Automobili does not only mean having the possibility to configure a unique and inimitable car, but it also means being part of a family, where the customer is pampered and every desire becomes possible. An example? Well, let's suppose that an hypothetical customer, passionate about the Lancia brand and the model in question, dreams of meeting Walter Rohrl, the  champion who drove the rally version and won, and that maybe he is the one who delivers the finished car to them, science fiction?...Ask Luca Betti.

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