During the last edition of the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este the new super car designed by Zagato was presented to the public: Zagato Mostro Barchetta powered by Maserati.
The Mostro Barchetta is the natural evolution of the previous Monster Zagato, a super car designed by the Milanese atelier in 2015 and also presented at the Concorso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este that year.
The Monster was designed to celebrate Maserati's centenary and was inspired by the 450 S Coupè Zagato commissioned by Stirling Moss to race at the 1957 24H of Les Mans.
The new Barchetta was designed by head of design Norihiko Harada.
It is produced in only 5 copies and the one I was lucky enough to photograph before and during the Concorso d'Eleganza is the first product ever.
The Villa d'Este catwalk was also an opportunity not only to present the car to the public but also to officially deliver it to its rightful owner; a passionate Japanese collector.
The presentation to the public during an event of international importance is always fascinating and full of enthusiasm but I had the possibility of a private, more intimate shooting a few weeks earlier directly in the Zagato headquarters near Milan.
It was an opportunity to better appreciate the design of the car, away from the confusion and people. One more opportunity to chat with the project managers and be told a few things.
The car is a pure and simple Barchetta, the doors are small and very light and integrate the glasses designed to create a unique line with the front windshield. The double bubble, a distinctive feature of Zagato cars, is also created without a roof by incorporating the Roll Bars in the rear part of the car. It takes up the line of the coupe and, in my opinion, is more streamlined and harmonious.
The interiors are also new, more modern and complete both the dashboard and the central console with an analogue-looking control panel that is very pleasant and comfortable to use.
The engine is rigorously entrusted to Maserati with two engine variants V8 and V6.
Upon my arrival at Zagato I am greeted as always by the Marketing Manager who first takes me for a ride in the area dedicated to the assembly of the cars .... it is always fascinating to watch the assembly of a highly technological and modern car but with care and passion artisanal. The cars are all rigorously assembled by hand, as in the past. In the Zagato showroom the Mostro is perfectly presented in the center, in the middle of the most recent creations of the style center.
We take some shots with artificial light but I decide to take it outdoors and photograph it in natural light, it's a beautiful day and in the sun the metallic blue is even deeper, giving the car an aggressive look, like a real Monster. Unfortunately, the time available has come to an end and I just have to wait for the official unveiling, waiting to know in what color the remaining 4 cars will be made, I allow myself one last shot in blue.

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