“The fame of Giulia GTA is legendary and Totem GT Super is a
modern tribute to the iconic car. Remaining faithful to its classic soul, it combines
uncompromising capabilities of the Alfa Romeo Giulia 2.9 twin-turbo with high-class style
for an immersive experience.
• Exterior and Interior same style of the GTelectric
• 2.9 Alfa Romeo V6 twin turbo with 3 different stage of power: 565hp and 700nm, 575 hp
and 720nm, 620 hp and 780 nm
• Same suspension and chassis of the GTelectric but gear box, engine and differential
from the Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio Verde.
• Sequential gear and DNA system
• Front grill with linear profiles
• Rear without speakers closed to the tail lights.
1140 kg final weight”
This is what the Totem Automobili press release says and the news is full of enthusiasm and expectations.
In 2020 Riccardo Quaggio, car designer and founder of Totem Automobili, announced the rebirth of an iconic car in the Italian history of grand turismo: the Totem GTelectric.
Born on the basis of the Giulia GT, with clear inspiration from the GTA for the exteriors and the 1750 first series for the interiors.
The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT was previewed to the press on 9 September 1963 along with its assembly line, three days later the official presentation to the public took place at the Frankfurt Motor Show where orders began.
In 1965 Autodelta, the newly formed company led by Carlo Chiti dedicated to preparing Alfa Romeo for racing, created the sportiest version of all, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA, where “A" stands for “Alleggerita” (lightened). Born to excel in the European Tourism Challenge.
The Giulia GT was the most loved and desired GT of those years, not only for the breathtaking line, well designed by a young Giorgetto Giugiaro who at that time worked for Bertone, but also because the versions prepared for the races have won and dominated several championships for many years.
The Alfa Romeo sporting soul combined with the driving pleasure of a car destined to become an icon.
Imagining a modern giulia GT, the same design of the past but with modern components and technology, has been the dream of many enthusiasts.
Especially in the last few years where the ability to recreate symbolic cars of a recent past in current objects of desire has become the fashion of the moment: The Restomod .

"Restomod" is an Anglo-Saxon word composed of the terms restoration and modern and is used to define a refined as well as small niche of classic cars, brought back far beyond their original splendor through the addition of components, technologies, connectivity and contemporary solutions.
This is the technical definition.
Well one of the most interesting Restomod of recent times is the Totem GT Super, officially presented a few days ago, speaking with Riccardo Quaggio I had the opportunity to admire and photograph it during a track day held on the Imola track and organized by Tomaso Trussardi,
The very suggestive context gave me the opportunity to speak with the technicians who are following the development of the new machine, which will be ready in 2022, and to start imagining the final version ... which promises very well !!
The final model will not differ much from the prototype presented a few days ago in the center of Milan and now photographed in the pit lane of the Imola racetrack. It will be slightly larger in size but keeping the style unchanged, it will mount the 2.9-liter V6 bi-turbo of the Giulia GTA.
Naturally rear-wheel drive. The technicians tell me that a manual gearbox is also being studied, the perfect reincarnation of the sporty soul of the Giulia GT.
We just have to wait a few months to admire and drive this exciting GT. Stay tuned.

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